[Sách cánh diều ] Giải tiếng Anh 6: Review 4 (Unit 10-11-12)

1 a. Circle the word with the different stress pattern. Listen, check and repeat the words.

1. A. picture            B. village                  C. reuse

2. A. Robot              B. exam                   C. rubbish

3 A. control             B. water                   C. paper

4. A. mountain       B. housework          C.reduce

=> Answer:    

1. C      2. B     3. A     4. C

b. Listen and repeat the sentences, paying attention to the bold syllables and the tone in each sentence. 

1. My robot helped me repair the broken cooker,

2. It’s better to reuse these shopping bags.

3 My future house wil have solar energy.

=> Answer: 

Học sinh thực hành trên lớp

2. Complete each sentence with the correct form of the verbs from the box.

surf              reduce           reuse

recycle        rereive

1. How much household waste do we ………….  every day?

2. My robot sends and ………….. emails for me.

3. I’m …………..  internet to look for  information on Vietnamese music.

4. We need to …………  the amount of salt in our diet.

5. I think we should …………. these envelopes.

 => Answer: 

1. recycle      2. receive      3. surfing          4. reduce        5. reuse

2. Chose the correct words.

1. He didn’t understand her feels / feelings

2. Arobot works as a watch/ guard to keep their house safe.

3. Home robots can  do / make Meals for us.

4. It’s your  turn to  make/ do the dishes, Nick!

=> Answer: 

1. feelings      2. guard      3. make      4. do

4. Complete sentences using the comparative or supertative form of the adjectives in brackets.

1. The Moon is the ……………..  natural object to Earth in the solar systern. (close)

2. I’m a bit ……… than my older brother. (tall)

3. Egyptis one of the …………. countries in the world. (old)

4. V10 is a very fast robot. However, O35 is even …………. than V10. (fast)

5. Nguyen Du is one of the ………… Vietnamese poets. (great)

=> Answer: 

1. closest     2. taller      3. oldest     4. faster    5. greatest

5. Write a/an or the.

1. He is …………. robot designer.

2. In the future, we will live on ……….  Moon.

3. I have ………. old toy robot.

4 ……….. car over there is mine.

5. ………… Earth goes around ……… Sun

=> Answer: 

1. a     2. the      3. an      4. The      5. The/the

6. Choose the correct option in braciets to complete each sentence.

1. If we (protect/ protected) our forests, we will help our planet.

2 I’m not sure what to do next weekend. l (might/ have to) go to the cinema.

3. I (will/ might) fly to Ho Chi Minh City next Saturday, but I’m not sure yet.

4. If we continue to pollute the air, we will (have/ having) breathing problems.

5. It’s very likely that they (will/ might) be here by 10.30 p.m. tomorrow.

=> Answer:

1. Protect      2. might     3. might      4. have     5. will

1. Read the text and choose the correct answer A, B or C for each of the questions

1. Scientists predict where and how we live in the future ………

A. will change alot

B. will not change much

C. will change only a intthe

2. According to the text, which of the following is NOT true about future houses?

A. They’ll be more eco-frienctly.

B. They’ll use electricity,

c. They’ll use wind energy.

3. We will control our future houses ………..

A. with our voices

B. by clapping our hands

C. with mobile phones

4. There will be cities in the air, on other planets, and underground because

A. we wont have enough land to build houses on

B. living there will be more comfortable

C. life on the Earth will become boring

=> Answer    

1. A     2. B     3. A      4. A

2. Work In groups. Take tums to describe your future house and try to persuade your group members to live in It. Who has the best future house in your group?

– My future house will be in / on / at

– It’ll be a villa / a country house / an apartment ..

– It’ll be big / small …

– There will be ..

=> Answer: 

Học sinh thực hành theo nhóm trên lớp

3. Listen and tick (’) what people from the Youth Eco-Parllament advise us to do for our environment. 

1, Recycle more rubbrsh (for example, glass, paper and plastic, etc). 

2. Pick up rubbish in parks or  in the streets. 

3. Grow your own vegetables. 

4. Save energy – tum off lights and TVs when you’re not using them. 

5. Use reusable bags instead of plastic bags. 

=> Answer: Đang cập nhật

4. Write a paragraph of 50-60 words about what you think we should do to improve the environment. Use the ideas from 3 or your own ideas. 

=> Answer

I think we can do many things to improve the environment around us. Firstly, we can use  reusable bags in stead of plastic bags. Secondly, we should turn off lights and TVs when you’re not using them to save energy. Finally, we shoulf cycle to school  or walk to school to reduce polluted air.

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