What is the topic of the passage? l

  • Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the best answer for each question from 46 to 50.

    Successful students often do the followings while studying. First they have an overview before reading. Next, they look for important information and pay greater attention to it (which often needs jumping forward or backward to process information). They also relate important points to one another. Also, they activate and use their prior knowledge. When they realize that their understanding is not good, they do not wait to change strategies. Last, they can monitor understanding and take action to correct or “ fix-up” mistakes in comprehension.

    Conversely, students with low academic achievement often demonstrate ineffective study skills. They tend to assume a passive role in learning and rely on others(e.g, teachers, parents) to monitor their studying. For example, low-achieving students often do not monitor their understanding of content, they may not be aware of the purpose of studying, and their show little evidence of looking back, or employing “fix-up” strategies to fix understanding problems. Students who struggle with learning new information seem to be unaware that they must extent beyond simply reading the content to understand and remember it. Children with learning disabilities do not plan and judge the quality off their studying. Their studying may be disorganized. Students with learning problems face challenges with personal organization as well. They often have difficulty keeping track of materials and assignments, following directions, and completing work on time. Unlike good student who employ a variety of study skills in a flexible yet purposeful manner, low-achieving students use a restricted range of skills. They can not explain why good study strategies are important for learning, and they tend to use the same, often ineffective, study approach for all learning tasks, ignoring task content, structure of difficulty.

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    What is the topic of the passage?


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    Chủ đề của đoạn văn là gì?

    A. Những học sinh có kết quả tốt và những học sinh đạt thành tích học tập thấp.

    B. Những người học thành công và các chiến lược học tập của họ.

    C. Các kỹ năng học tập cho học sinh trung học.

    D. Các cách học tập hiệu quả và không hiệu quả của học sinh.

    Dẫn chứng: “Successful students often do the followings while studying”   và “Conversely, students with low academic achievement often demonstrate ineffective study skills.”

    Tạm dịch:  Những học sinh có kết quả tốt thường làm những điều sau trong khi học”  và “Ngược lại, học sinh với thành tích học tập thấp thường thể hiện những kỹ năng học tập không hiệu quả.”

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