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Passwords are a very inconvenient thing, most people don’t like them and are indispensable, and this is the main target of hackers. Since the beginning of the year, security has been an important component of digital life such as email accounts, bank accounts, game downloads, shopee, etc.

Everyone sets and remembers a complex or unique password. And many people often get hacked because they don’t change the password continuously but only use one (for example, me :).

What will Microsoft use to replace the Password?

Microsoft says anyone can remove the password from their Microsoft account and use other methods to sign in starting today. The company introduced the option for business users earlier this year, and it plans to remove passwords from business accounts altogether.

Microsoft has stated that in the future they will not use passwords to sign in and are also happy that they are reaching the next step called: vision (vision) . Microsoft also released images of password-free login in March 2021.

The Microsoft Authenticator app can now be used to remove passwords from Microsoft accounts. The user will receive a verification code on the phone and can sign in with the selected app/software, such as Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Family Safety, etc.

trying to login to microsoft cant password

Password problem

Microsoft’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) says that hackers don’t destroy or attack like blockbusters :), they always use the login method to hack accounts. If the user uses a weak password, the majority of attacks will take place.

Below is a picture of the majority of users setting a password for their account!

How to sign in to a Microsoft account without a password 7

Instead of having to remember your password or use a password manager, you’ll be able to use the Microsoft Authenticator app, Windows Hello, a security key, or SMS or emailed codes. You’ll be able to sign in to services like Outlook, OneDrive, Microsoft Family Safety, and even Xbox Series X/S without a password. Microsoft will roll out this option to everyone in the next few weeks as they prepare to launch Windows 11 on October 5

Once you’ve installed the Authenticator app and linked it to your account, you can disable your password. Go to Microsoft account settings, then to Advanced security options and Additional Security. From there, you can switch your account to a password-free account. Then, follow the instructions and approve the message on the Authenticator app to confirm.

You can reactivate your password at any time, but other login methods can be much more convenient and secure. Passwords aren’t just a cybersecurity minefield, they’re also time-consuming to type and, at best, frustrating to handle.

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