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Living in this 4.0 era, in the near future, you can buy insurance on Tiki, maybe you can buy a house online later, but what is it? Let me tell you the reasons why I decided to buy a motorbike online, only seeing it as a good deal but not losing anything. Great experience always!

Save tens of millions of fog compared to buying “offline”

This is definitely the main reason. At that time, when I first went to work, I loved the PCX very much, ran around the city and asked a few car shops but hesitated forever not daring to put down money. On the day I saw Tiki running a voucher advertisement with a discount of several million, I immediately closed the order. Buy motorbikes, electronics of great value, just buy Tiki for peace of mind, genuine guarantee, good after-sales service.

From November 13-15, those of you who have been wanting to change drivers for a long time, or want to buy a car for your lover or loved one, immediately take the opportunity. Coupons accumulated from the seller and Tiki are up to 4 million VND on each motorcycle product, all genuine models from Honda, Yamaha, Piaggio, Vespa… to Vinfast, Pega, Homesheel… Buy 2 and get an extra 10% off . Too good!

In addition, those who are looking at the Yadea G5 electric motorcycle, the more they cannot miss, Tiki is launching a coupon to reduce 9 million immediately for the Yadea G5. Both men and women are beautiful, make sure to sit on “cool” like Vin Diesel.

Online car buying story - save tens of millions!  - Photo 1.

The car has a modern design with a bold urban breath, 5 diverse colors suitable for both men and women, immediately reduced by 9 million.

Not to mention, Tiki also organizes MiniGame “Single Race to Receive Gifts”. As long as the order value is from 250K, the more orders you buy, the more chance you will receive a voucher up to 9,900,000 VND at the Honda Saigon store. Whoever is lucky this time will save a fortune, not less!

Swipe 0% installment card – pay in 1 note

Residents of the digital age cannot ignore this utility. Don’t worry about not having enough money in your account or high interest rates. With only 3 easy steps, 0% installment payment via credit card with a flexible term of up to 24 months, linking up to 30 partner banks, no need for verification documents, quick and easy procedures, brothers and sisters. easily bring home a super cool motorbike in a split second!

Calmly shaking your thighs waiting for the car to arrive at the door

After a successful payment on Tiki, usually, within 24 hours, the car dealer will contact you to confirm the time and location of the car pickup. After that, you can completely choose to go to the showroom or dealer’s store to receive the car and complete the paperwork. Particularly for orders purchased during this “Car shopping – car care” festival, dealers will deliver the car directly to your home. Totally free nationwide

Online car buying story – save tens of millions! – Photo 2.

Beautiful car delivered to your door

Opportunity to buy genuine accessories from only 0 VND

Buying a new car is impossible without buying new accessories for

Online car buying story – save tens of millions! – Photo 3.

Opportunity to own free high-quality helmet Royal wears to ensure style promotion, original price up to 660K

Deeper discount if you are a resident of Vinhomes

When I bought it, I didn't get this offer, because I don't have a Vinhomes house.  But if you are a resident of Vinhomes, you must take advantage immediately.  Because Vinhomes launched up to 30,000 coupons Vinfast Discount VND 10,000,000 for residents only.  It is true that the rich get richer!

Online car buying story – save tens of millions! – Photo 4.

Coupon 10 million for Vinhomes residents, luxury houses, and luxury cars at great prices

In addition, there are countless promotions being applied by Tiki in the “Drive – car care” festival. From November 13 to November 15, when buying motorbikes, bicycles, accessories… on Tiki, customers have the opportunity to receive countless coupons up to 9 million 9, home delivery, free oil change 1 year, with X1K, XX1K deals in extremely attractive time frames.

For more information click here. Visit the Tiki fanpage for more details and participate in minigames such as “Race Singles to Receive Gifts”, “Like Share Manh Tay – Win VinFast Cars” to have the opportunity to own valuable gifts.


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