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Lykoi wolf cat

Top 10 rare cat species in the world - Photo 1.

The Lykoi cat, also known as the wolf cat, is a breed of domestic short-haired cat that originated in the United States in Vonore, Tennessee. This is a unique breed of cat that has the face of a wolf and acts like a dog. The Lykoi cat breed is different from other cats not only by its special coat but also by its dog-like personality.

The name of this cat is Lykoi, which comes from the Greek word for wolf cat or werewolf cat, they have speckled gray fur and large golden pupils. There are currently only about 40 wolf cats in the world, so they are considered extremely rare cats.

Manuli cat

Top 10 rare cat species in the world - Photo 2.

The Manul cat or Pallas cat is a small wild cat native to the grasslands and montane shrubs of the Caucasus, the Hindu Kush, parts of the Himalayas, the Tibetan Plateau, the Tian Shan, and the South Siberian Mountains. With its long, bushy coat, it is well adapted to cold continental climates in areas with little rainfall and experiencing a wide range of temperatures.

This cat has the scientific name of Otocolobus manul, and is known as one of the most aggressive cats in the world, they live at an altitude of more than 5,000 m above sea level. This cat has a solid body and long, pointed teeth. The adults have a very “scary” face, however, the current population of this species outside the natural environment is very small and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has listed the Pallas cat on the list of cats. list of endangered species.

Black-eared lynx

Top 10 rare cat species in the world - Photo 3.

The black-eared lynx, also known as the forest lynx, is a species of wild cat with an average size of about 1 m in length. The black-eared lynx is sometimes called the desert lynx or the African lynx; the Persian lynx; but this is not a member of the genus Lynx.

The black-eared lynx, also known as the Caracal cat (Latin scientific name: Caracal caracal), is most famous for its long, thick black ears. The caracal is a medium sized cat, and is also the heaviest, fastest runner in the feline family, although called a lynx, it is not a species of the lynx genus. It is best known for its bird-catching skills, especially being able to easily catch birds when they begin to land or take off. Currently, the Caracal cat is on the verge of extinction.

Desert cat

Top 10 rare cat species in the world - Photo 4.

The Chinese mountain cat, also known as the Chinese wildcat or the shali cat, is a species of cat endemic to western China. It has been classified as a vulnerable species by the IUCN since 2002, due to a breeding population of less than 10,000 individuals.

They have the scientific name Felis bieti, also known as grass lynx, Chinese mountain cat and this is also endemic to China, distributed mainly in the northwestern mountains. They are not afraid of inclement weather and live in deserts, forest edges, scrublands and alpine meadows. At present, the wild cat has been listed as a rare and protected animal at the national level of China and included in the “Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora”.

Black-footed cat

Top 10 rare cat species in the world - Photo 5.

The black-footed cat is a species of small cat in the Cat genus in the Cat family. They are the smallest feral cat, and also one of the least studied carnivores in Africa. They have been listed as vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature since 2002.

They have the scientific name Felis nigripes, and get their name from the black patches on the soles of their feet, are endemic to southern Africa and live only in grassland, arid savanna, and scrub habitats. and semi-desert. The habitat of the black-footed cat, which is already scarce, is now shrinking, not only facing threats in the natural environment, but also hunting and killing by humans. People.

American tree cat

Top 10 rare cat species in the world - Photo 6.

The American tree cat, the American wildcat or the panther is a species of feral cat native to the Americas. Its range extends from central Argentina in the south to the US-Mexico border in the north, and through Central and South America in the eastern Andes. The American tree cat is a medium-sized slender cat.

Top 10 rare cat species in the world - Photo 7.

This is a cat in danger of extinction and has a very strange body because they are both like cats and weasels and perhaps their ancestor is a transitional species between the common ancestor of species of the canine family. cat and weasel.

Ocelot brocade cat

Top 10 rare cat species in the world - Photo 8.

The Ocelot spotted cat is a species of feral cat native to the southwestern United States, Mexico, Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Margarita. A medium-sized cat, it is characterized by solid black spots and streaks on its fur, rounded ears, and white neck and underparts.

They have the scientific name Leopardus pardalis and there are about 10 subspecies, they are distributed mainly in the Americas. Due to the continuous destruction of their habitat and humans hunting them for their skins, this species is on the verge of extinction. As early as 2008, they have been included in the “World Conservation Union” red book and are one of the endangered species.

Fishing cat

Top 10 rare cat species in the world - Photo 9.

The fish cat is a medium-sized wild cat in the genus Prionailurus in the family Cats. Catfish distributed in South Asia and Southeast Asia. In 2008, IUCN classified this species as threatened because it is mainly distributed in flooded areas. This species was described by Bennett in 1833.

Like its name, the main prey of this species is fish and it also hunts other aquatic creatures, including frogs, lobsters, crabs, crustaceans, etc. Fish cats are mainly distributed in the Southeast. ASIAN. Because the wetlands where fish cats live in Southeast Asia are gradually decreasing, as well as the problem of “wild meat” and accordingly they are gradually becoming extinct.

Serval’s Cat

Top 10 rare cat species in the world - Photo 10.

In captivity, this species is very difficult to breed, and especially if crossed with domestic cats, their crossbreeds are mostly sterile in males and must cross-breed to produce descendants.

They have the scientific name Leptailurus serval and shaped like a miniature cheetah, this species mainly lives in savannas, distributed in west, central and eastern Africa. This breed can also be raised indoors like a normal cat, only they are much larger and more aggressive. In particular, this is also a species used by humans to create many other cat species for humans to nurture, the most famous being the Savannah cat, one of the largest cats. However, at the present time, due to overexploitation as well as environmental influences, this species is on the verge of extinction.

Golden cat

Top 10 rare cat species in the world - Photo 11.

The Asian golden leopard, or lynx, is a medium-sized carnivore that weighs 12 to 16 kg, mainly living in the wild. In captivity, this species can live up to 20 years, but its average lifespan in the wild is probably much shorter.

The scientific name of this species is Catopuma temminckii, distributed mainly in large areas of eastern and southern Asia. It mainly eats mice, rabbits, birds and small deer. For a long time, because no one saw this cat in the wild, it was once considered extinct.


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