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After the huge success of Microsoft Teams, Microsoft is now introducing a new service called Microsoft Loop. Microsoft Loop combines a flexible canvas with mobile components that move freely and in sync across Microsoft 365 apps. Microsoft Loop is built on top of the open source Fluid Framework.

What is Microsoft Loop?

What is Microsoft Loop?

Microsoft Loop is a new product in the Microsoft Office suite, a new work center in Office. Microsoft Loop is brand new for Microsoft Flexible Work, Office content can exist independently and be copied, pasted, and shared with others in real time.

Like Fluid, Microsoft Loop has three main elements:

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Loop Components

Loop components are live pieces of content that can live across multiple apps, are updated in real time, and are free for anyone to join. It can be a shared list in the Teams channel and also editable in the Loop page, or a note in the calendar is also available to paste into Outlook and edit in real time in an email.

These components can also live in Microsoft’s main Loop hub, inside what Microsoft calls a shared Loop workspace. It’s almost like a project board, you can see a list of all Loop components and Loop pages and who’s currently working on that space. Think of it as a modern File Explorer where everything works and works together.

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Loop pages

Loop pages are individual covers where people can share and work on Loop components. It’s like a modern version of the whiteboard but much more powerful because you can insert and share elements that people have created outside of the Loop.

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Workspace Loop

The space allows users to view and group issues that are important to the project. The Loop workspace makes it easy for users to keep up with what everyone else is doing, present ideas, and track progress toward shared goals.

Microsoft’s introductory Videos on Loop components are pretty impressive, but you’ll need to experience it for yourself to really understand all of the Loop’s functions. It can be said that Loop is a tool for real-time teamwork, where people can directly interact with each other, edit content by the team’s project.

Microsoft Loop components will be available across Microsoft 365 apps including Teams, Outlook, and OneNote in the next few months

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