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Finally, you have built a very satisfied PC and want to use it comfortably for the next few years. But building a PC is not enough, you also need to use the 5 PC accessories below to ensure your PC is safe and most convenient.

5 great PC accessories you should buy

5 essential PC accessories you should buy

Power surge protection device

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Power surge protectors are a must-have for any type of PC, whether it’s a laptop or a desktop. Power surge protectors protect your PC from sudden electrical surges that can damage hardware components. This situation is very common, and the reality is that most PCs have very little protection against these problems.

These devices are inexpensive and well worth the money you spend. You can see surge protective equipment products at electrical stores. To be on the safe side, just make sure that the device’s electrical range has a protection rating of at least 2,000 joules.

Headphone stand

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Chances are you spend a long time on your PC with headphones. The problem is that you can never find a great place to put your headphones when not in use. If you put the headset on the table, there is a high chance of it falling, similar to placing it on the top of a computer case, and also looking at the table even more.

A common way to place headphones is to use the NZXT Puck. At first glance, I know it’s a bit cheesy for $20, but it’s necessary. In addition to providing a convenient place to hang your headphones, it can also hold any excess cables. The Puck also doesn’t take up extra space, but instead takes advantage of a spot on the top of your computer case.

Another option is a more traditional headphone stand. It’s definitely cheaper, but it takes up more desk space. You can see more beautiful wooden headphone stand here.

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Even in an age where programs have autosave features, you can still lose your documents due to a power outage on your computer. That’s when the uninterruptible power supply system (or UPS) comes into play. These devices contain large batteries and come equipped with many standard power outlets for your desktop PC, monitor, printer, and other devices.

They may also have a USB port for charging and often include surge protection. They don’t work like generators that keep you going for hours with the lights off. UPS to battery keeps your PC running long enough to save your work and shut down safely in the event of a power failure.

UPS is an often overlooked device that every desktop user needs. It’s one of those things that you don’t really appreciate until that fateful nightmare hits.

There are all kinds of UPS devices on the market, but the safest are still popular brands like APC and CyberPower. Many users also prefer to buy more expensive types that provide pure sinewave output.

Note that UPS manufacturers recommend that the UPS not be plugged into surge protectors. A UPS generally has surge protection built in, so no further need to be added.


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Depending on your PC, a USB hub can be a very useful tool. These are small, rectangular devices equipped with multiple USB ports that connect to a single port on a PC.

If you have a laptop with limited USB ports or your case/main only has one or two ports on the front panel, a USB hub can be very useful. Although desktop computers often have a lot of USB ports on the back, they are difficult to use. The USB hub saves you from messing around with ports on the back of the machine unless absolutely necessary.

You can also find USB hubs at various price points. But Anker products are the best choices, and the brand offers a wide selection at affordable prices.

Mouse pad (with RGB)

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A PC setup corner would be extremely flawed without a mouse pad. The mouse pad can expand your hover space, making your desk more beautiful and tidy.

Mouse pads come in a variety of prices. If you want a mouse pad with RGB, you can refer to Razer. If RGB isn’t what you want, you can opt for Corsair’s mouse pad.

Except for the surge protector, none of these PC accessories are necessary. However, they make your everyday experience even better. Alternatively, you can also learn how to clean your PC here.

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