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At the center of the Milky Way, we witness the existence of a giant barrier covered by large molecular clouds. A team of Chinese scientists discovered the giant structure while studying cosmic rays – streams of high-energy charged particles that travel through space at close to the speed of light.

The report describes an “ocean” of cosmic rays that continuously fly through the cold environment of the Universe, besides that the team also discovered an area near the center of the Milky Way that does not contain any rays. this universe.

Chinese scientists discovered a giant barrier at the center of the Milky Way - Photo 1.

The Black Hole Sagittarius Star A at the center of the Milky Way.

In the midst of a large region of space, densely packed with turbulent cosmic rays, scientists found a large area where cosmic rays do not appear very much. Apparently, these “cosmic waves” hit something, which the researchers hypothesized could be a giant magnetic field blocking cosmic rays from passing.

The finding raises the possibility of “a barrier that can prevent cosmic rays from penetrating“. By understanding how this barrier works, we can better understand the mysterious behavior of cosmic rays and how galaxies interact with their surroundings.

What are cosmic rays?

The main component of cosmic rays is protons, which are positively charged particles located in the nucleus of an atom. They come from black holes, from intergalactic collisions and many other massive celestial collisions, such as when two neutron stars collide. The matter particles that make up cosmic rays often travel at nearly the speed of light.

Chinese scientists discovered a giant barrier at the center of the Milky Way - Photo 2.

Illustration of cosmic rays.

The Milky Way’s magnetic field diffused these cosmic rays and spread them into a “sea” of waves crashing in all directions. This is the research goal of a group of Chinese scientists.

Previous studies of the Milky Way’s center have observed a series of “fresh” cosmic rays lying on a calm sea of ​​radiation, suggesting the possibility of either supernovas or black holes. giant at the center of the Milky Way (named Sagittarius A* – Sagittarius Sao A) has the ability to accelerate the flight of cosmic rays.

Until now, we still don’t know why the cosmic rays in the center of the Milky Way are flying so fast. It is also possible that this feature is related to the newly discovered giant barrier.

The source of cosmic rays has not yet been thoroughly studied. Scientists will need more information about them to better understand how the Milky Way works, and open up new knowledge about distant galaxies. Besides, understanding the effects of cosmic rays will make future space travel safer; Humans are not born to withstand cosmic radiation.


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