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Customers have more and more channels to access products and shopping, omnichannel customer care becomes more important than ever. Only 7% of shoppers shop online, too few compared to 73% of omnichannel shoppers. In order not to miss any potential customers into the hands of competitors, where customers are, the business must appear there, from online channels to offline channels. It’s important for retailers to know: it’s not a brand’s presence across multiple channels that’s good, it’s that providing a seamless experience for consumers across multiple channels is best.

Omni-channel sales and customer care, sustainable revenue growth trend for businesses

In addition to the gloomy general economic picture in 2021, more than 30.6% of businesses surveyed said they had revenue growth compared to 2020. The common feature of this group is the rapid transformation of the model to omnichannel sales to adapt to market fluctuations. Nearly 24% of retailers converted to a mix of brick-and-mortar and online sales, resulting in 56% of them having a business rebound that reached or exceeded pre-COVID-19 sales.

Your competitors in the market all know how to build excellent sales and marketing strategies to reach customers. Therefore, if you only spend money on expanding distribution channels and marketing on many different channels, it is difficult for businesses to get a competitive advantage. Instead, focusing on customer care is the solution to help you save costs but still optimize revenue. In the context that customers come into contact with businesses everywhere from website, facebook, Zalo, SMS, Chat, multi-channel customer care is something businesses cannot ignore to increase sales profits.

According to statistics, about 76% of customers say that having to repeat the same problem when communicating through different channels is the most annoying part of the entire customer experience. In addition, another 86% of customers expect counselor conversations to flow seamlessly across channels. For comprehensive and effective multi-channel customer care, businesses need to build an automatic, consistent and transparent data system between communication channels and create a seamless experience with customers. client

Understanding this, Bizfly Martech & Salestech operated by VCCorp organizes a Bizfly Expert Talk 14 webinar with the topic “Effective multi-channel customer care tips to help businesses break through revenue” to help businesses Have a realistic view and strategize to optimize the effective customer care process
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This event is suitable for:

+ Small and medium business owners who want to optimize sales and customer care activities

+ Team leader, head of sales, marketing, customer care who want to build a customer nurturing process for their business team

+ The sales, customer service and sales staff do not have a process, do not know how to take care of customers properly

Bizfly Expert Talk #14 revolves around the following issues:

+ How to store, classify, track and navigate customer data in business

+ How to effectively stream data between Marketing – Sales – Customer Care departments

+ Automated scripts and tools to take care of new customers and convert old customers

+ Tools to store and create customer data funnels, tools to “communicate” with customers anytime, anywhere “platform”

Bizfly Expert Talk #14 with the participation of speakers:

Speaker Ma Thi Minh Phuong

Sales Manager, Bizfly, VCCorp.

With many years of experience in consulting online sales and marketing solutions for hundreds of businesses, Ms. Phuong is currently holding the position of Sales Manager with several dozen employees of Bizfly, VCCorp. As a person who directly participates in consulting plans, building systems, supporting the operation and implementation of marketing and sales automation systems for many large corporations as well as SMEs, Ms. Phuong understands the “pain” of Vietnamese businesses in each period to come up with an appropriate approach. In addition to consulting on strategic solutions for businesses in Vietnam, Ms. Phuong is also known as the speaker of many sales and customer care training sessions for hundreds of partners as well as internal employees of the business.

Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions as well as any concerns, questions to be consulted and answered directly by experts. Besides, the first 100 people who register for the program will be given a 30-day CRM trial voucher worth 500,000 VND. Certainly, the real stories brought in the seminar will help businesses gain a more specific view as well as experiences so as not to miss any customer data. Register for the event for free HERE

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Event name: Expert Talk #14: Effective omnichannel customer care tips to help businesses break through revenue

Registration Link: Here

Time: 10am-11am on November 16, 2021

How to join: Online – free

Platform: Livestream on Zoom and Facebook

Speaker: Ms. Ma Thi Minh Phuong, Sales Manager, Bizfly, VCCorp


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