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In this article, I will explain the growing importance of mobile app development using Python along with its popular frameworks, features, and advantages.Python

Python quickly became one of the favorite programming languages ​​for web development in the last decade and in recent years, Python has started to take a significant share in the mobile application development market. The popularity and growing demand of this language is due to its simple approach to creating high-end applications. But from my personal point of view, one language should not be used for too many purposes. Such a utilitarian language won’t really be strong in arrays at all.

Python uses simplified lines of code and has various features that allow developers to write complex programs with ease. TIOBE Index identifies Python as the most requested programming language in 2019. And you can find a lot of tutorials on web development in Python, which shows that it is supported by a programming community. giant presenter.

Below is a chart of the usage of different programming languages ​​over the past 8 years, and Python is the dominant language after 2018.

Python Frameworks in Mobile Application Programming 19

That said, how popular is Python and how can it be useful to you? Well, if you work with a common language, the probability to find a solution to any complex problem becomes higher. In fact, if your problem is widespread enough, you might get a solution that has been successful in the past. Now let’s dig a little deeper and discover more about Python and its uses in mobile app development.

Why use Python for mobile app development?

Python is a dynamic object-oriented programming language that focuses on rapid application development. The easy-to-understand syntax and many libraries help python rise above other programming languages ​​and make it the preferred choice for developers. Here are a few reasons why Python is special:

  • Python works on most operating systems like Mac, Windows, Linux/Unix, etc.
  • It provides a lot of tools for both developers and system administrators.
  • This language is very effective for working on small and large scale projects.
  • Python is backed by some of the best technology corporations in the world such as Google, IBM, and Yahoo.
  • Python takes advantage of code reuse and helps you develop faster.
  • This language develops mobile applications that allow them to run on different platforms.
  • Python is a feature-rich language with thousands of libraries and add-on packages.

What is the best framework for developing mobile apps?

There are some great Python frameworks capable of developing highly functional apps like CherryPy, Numpy, Flask, Pandas, Django, etc. However, two options are the most chosen by most mobile app developers. are Kivy and BeeWare. Both these frameworks are cross-platform and its user interface gives you many benefits when using the application on different mobile devices like Android, Mac, etc.


Python Frameworks in Mobile Application Programming 20

Kivy is an open source Python library used for developing cross-platform GUI applications. This is a great choice for developers who enjoy working with UI toolkits in mobile apps. The default UI toolkit available in Kivy provides its own labels, buttons, inputs, and other widgets.

This saves a lot of rendering time as widgets don’t need to be rendered using native platform UI controls. It improves consistency and portability when working across different platforms. Kivy’s graphics engine is built on OpenGL making it efficient in handling workloads that exceed GPU limits when required.


Python Frameworks in Mobile Application Programming 21

BeeWare is a graphical user interface mobile application development framework. It includes an abstract layer in the framework and a set of useful tools for developing mobile applications. BeeWare uses a native UI toolkit that includes elements such as checkboxes, forms, and buttons provided by the base operating system. This gives the app a unique feel that’s exactly the same on any mobile device.

More or less both frameworks work perfectly well in developing high precision commercial applications.

What makes Python the best language for mobile app development?

Because Python offers many different perks than most other languages ​​Here are some of the perks that python offers to developers:

Python Frameworks in Mobile Application Programming 22

1. Module

The biggest advantage of Python is that it is modular. You can create separate modules for your application and combine them to form a single application. This gives developers an advantage to distribute their work without affecting the progress of the project.

2. Security

When you choose Python as the programming language for your application, you protect it from all kinds of cyber attacks. The powerful backend and the many security features added on its various frameworks make it an extremely difficult language to crack.

3. Extensive Library

This is the main reason why Python is so popular among developers. It has a lot of pre-built web libraries that can be used in your code. App development becomes super simple when you can get the code of the functions you need in your app. This saves a lot of time for developers and even reduces application development costs.

4. Easy integration

Because Python is an open source language that supports modularity, applications created with Python are easy to integrate with other tools and technologies. The functionality of the application can be extended by integrating third-party tools from the web.

5. Cross-platform support

Python, being a machine learning language, is capable of working with many different operating systems from Linux, Unix, Windows, to Mac. You might be surprised to learn that a developer can work on 25 different platforms with Python.

6. Better productivity

Python comes with complete packages that include a number of attractive features. From code reusability to extensive functions and libraries, developers can use these features to complete their apps in less time.

7. Community Support

Another good reason to choose Python for your application development is its trusted community. There are thousands of tutorials, discussion groups and forums available online that can help you with your development. Furthermore, a number of developers and programmers from all over the world regularly conduct sessions to solve user problems and queries.


Python has dominated the web application market for the past few years. With the growth of popular apps like Pinterest, Spotify, Instagram, Dropbox, Uber, etc., now it’s time for Python to lead the mobile app development market. The simplicity and impressive range of features that Python offers saves developers a huge amount of time and effort, making it their most preferred programming language.

So if you are also a mobile app developer, you must use this amazing language. On the contrary, if you own a business and want to develop mobile apps in Python, you can contact professional Python programmers for proper guidance.

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