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iPhone 13 Pro Max is the most advanced phone of 2021. When owning this phone, most users want their phone to be safe and productive at all times. However, even if you are careful, there will be times when carelessness, even if you don’t want it, will affect the phone more or less. Therefore, equip your device with a case to better protect your phone.

Useful uses of the case

A case is an accessory that gives your device a new style, adding to the aesthetics of your phone. With a case, from a monotonous phone, iPhone 13 Pro Max will become more attractive and impressive. Besides, the case is also a cover to protect the phone from scratches, damage before the incidents of impact.

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iPhone 13 Pro Max has a classy, ​​sophisticated and luxurious appearance. The phone is solidly built with metal frames, and both sides are constructed of tempered glass. This design makes the machine significantly more durable. However, in the process of use, sometimes there will be carelessness and lead to unwanted damage such as scratches, or bumps leading to broken phones. In times like these, a case will give the phone maximum support against these problems.

Top 5 iPhone 13 Pro Max cases worth buying

1. MagSafe case supports wireless charging well

This year’s generation of iPhone 13 Pro Max also has built-in wireless charging. Therefore, Apple also brings a case model that can be applied with this feature. The silicone case that the company brings has a classic look but is quite sturdy, the case is equipped with a microfiber layer on the inside to help prevent scratches on the iPhone 13 Pro Max body.

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Apple offers color options such as red, pink, blue, green, … so that users can freely choose a favorite color. This case will be a companion to help protect your “mobile phone” better.

2. Super Durable iPhone 13 Pro Max UAG Case

UAG is a famous brand of cases, no longer strange to Vietnamese users. The case has a solid and solid design that gives the product a solid feel. Besides, this case also impresses with impressive textures and colors. With the iPhone 13 Pro Max case, UAG is equipped with 2 impact-resistant layers, the raised front edge helps to better protect the iPhone’s screen, increasing the protection many times.

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Having a pitiful, military design, the UAG case is quite picky about users, the users are mainly men. However, it must be recognized that the iPhone 13 Pro Max UAG case is very sturdy, highly durable, the case helps to minimize the unfortunate incidents that can happen to the phone.

3. Itskins case is good shockproof, minimizes fingerprints

Itskins is also a well-known accessory brand. Itskins offers a wide range of great quality cases. With the iPhone 13 Pro Max generation, Itskins creates cases with optimal shock resistance, limiting damage when encountering collisions, helping to protect smartphones extremely well.

Besides, with high-quality materials, Itskins case helps to avoid fingerprints and sweat after holding it for a long time, giving 99% antibacterial ability. In addition, Itskins case also supports Magsafe charging with a charging capacity of 15W which is extremely convenient.

4. Mipow cases are aesthetically pleasing

Despite the simple design, the use of Mipow case cannot be better, the case helps to protect the user’s phone perfectly against good impact incidents, provides high durability, is an important accessory for iPhone 13 Pro Max.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Mipow Case is made of 2 high-quality materials combined, PC hard plastic and TPU plastic edge, creating an extremely strong “armor”, helping to keep the phone safe. It is the comprehensive impact resistance and the ability to disperse the force that increase the security of the smartphone.

In addition, this case is meticulously crafted, the size is based on the iPhone size standard, so it can fit the phone snugly. Therefore, the product helps users to hold and hold the phone comfortably without fear of falling.

5. Rugged iPhone 13 Pro Max GEAR4 D3O Case

GEAR4 brings users iPhone 13 Pro Max cases with super quality. With the GEAR4 D3O case, the case offers top-notch shock and impact protection for your phone.

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Thanks to the combination of flexible and hard plastic, the iPhone 13 Pro Max Gear4 D30 case is increased in rigidity. Thanks to that, with the GEAR4 D30 case, the phone will be better protected and more secure during use.


Above are suggestions for iPhone 13 Pro Max cases with super quality. If you are looking for a case for your mobile phone, you can refer to it to choose the most suitable case.

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