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Web development has become one of the most important skills in today’s economy. That’s because, behind every website you see, there are giant systems operating. However, learning to code is not easy and takes a lot of effort. Therefore, you should learn Web programming from today.

Top 7 Websites to Learn Web Development Online

In fact, it requires you to master complex tools, frameworks, and languages, where creating apps and websites both require a specific skill set. Whether you’re just starting out in web development or looking to advance your career, having the right resources to learn web development can help.

So, I am going to present you with a list of the best websites to help you learn front-end, back-end and full-stack web development.

Top 7 websites to learn web programming

1. Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn is known for its interactive and fully customizable learning website for web development. You can complete certifications and access over 80 hours of content at no cost. If you are just getting started, then Microsoft Learn is perfect for you.

With over 800 web development resources, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Azure, Dynamics and Flow. Besides, Microsoft Learn also allows you to track your progress so that you are interested and motivated to continue learning.

However, what makes Microsoft Learn special is the way knowledge is tested. Instead of penalizing you for wrong answers, it will explain why the other answers are better, thus helping you improve your skills and understand the problem better.

2. Pluralsight

Pluralsight is the best online resource for developers and IT professionals. From cybersecurity to software development to data processing, Pluralsight covers almost everything you need to develop your skills.

While it features expert-written courses, skills assessments, certification courses, and labs, Pluralsight also shows you the latest routes so you know what you need to learn. next.

Besides, if you’re just getting started and looking for more advice, its Technology Index ranks over 850 technologies and can help you gauge which technology is worth learning at this time.

You can determine your level of expertise through a set of 20-question tests. Once done, choose the course that works best for you from a list of 6,000 courses that focus solely on web development.

3. Treehouse

With a free seven-day trial, Treehouse offers the best online coding classes to learn at home. Along with courses and videos for beginners with varying skill levels, Treehouse features quizzes and coding challenges that make learning more real.

When you need to learn and master a new set of skills, you can sign up to track and chart your learning path in this mini-course. In addition to learning the languages, frameworks, and principles needed for web development, you can stay up to date with your skills with Treehouse’s extensive library.

Tech Explorer’s Toolkit brings you free resources. In addition, Treehouse’s 100-day coding challenge allows you to practice and apply new knowledge. If all that wasn’t enough, Treehouse also has a very active network of industry professionals.

4. W3 Schools

The best free W3 Schools to learn web programming

From tutorials and references to web development courses, the W3Schools curriculum helps you build a strong foundation. Although most of the resources on HTML, JavaScript, Programming, XML, CSS, Server Side, and Character Set are free, there are other quality paid resources available.

You can see all the courses available in the W3 Schools Course Catalog and if you want to practice coding you can use the built-in IDE. All W3 Schools courses are self-study and certified.

The platform has a variety of languages ​​to choose from, and tutorials help you better learn and test specific web development applications.

5. The Odin Project

Top 7 best websites to learn Web programming 6

With a completely free curriculum, Odin Project is considered one of the largest resource sites for web development online. Supported by an enthusiastic open source community, Odin Project has three learning paths and several projects that are especially helpful for beginners.

The best plus of the site is that its curriculum is always updated and you can see real-time statistics on the homepage.

Founded in 2013, it has 469,894 learners and 1,500 contributors. Once you’ve mastered your skills and leveled up, you can also be one of the site’s contributors.

6. Codecademy

Codecademy believes in learning by doing. If you’re not sure where to start, take the quiz to find out where you stand on your web development journey. Here, you can learn to code for free with millions of others in a community of IT professionals.

Besides offering independent courses with certificates, Codecademy also has career paths to give you the most structured and complete learning experience. You can view the full Codecademy catalog before choosing a course.

The site features videos, articles, and blogs about web development to help you stay up to date with the latest web development trends while learning how to code.

7. Codewars

Top 7 best websites to learn Web programming 7

With 29 languages ​​to choose from, Codewars encourages you to hone your skills. Codewars exercises are called katas, and once you sign up for a kata, you can use tests to check your progress.

As you complete the katas, you will be ranked higher, you will be confronted with related challenges to be able to master specific skill sets. Codewars also has a special community where you can discuss the latest and best practices.

Besides, you can create your own katas and challenge the community with super difficult exercises at Codewars.

In addition, you can also see programming languages ​​to learn here.

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