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TeraBox is a new but extremely generous cloud storage service that gives us free storage up to 1024GB. With that 1024GB, you can easily backup all the photos and videos on Google Photos to TeraBox for storage, or download personal Facebook data to your computer to upload to TeraBox too. In addition, you can also save many other study materials. Let’s learn more about it.

TeraBox: 1024GB Free Cloud Storage Service

Notes when using TeraBox

Since this is still an emerging data storage service on the market, you also need to be careful when storing important or private data. Data storage services like this often have a very high risk of data loss or hacking, so I advise you not to store important documents on them.

If you want to store important or private documents, it is much safer to use long-standing and famous storage services like OneDrive or Google Drive.

Main features of TeraBox

Like many other hosting services, TeraBox also has features such as:

  • Download photos, videos, documents or any other data from your mobile phone
  • Access all your data in the cloud from any device
  • View photos and videos on TeraBox itself, no need to download
  • Create folders, move or organize files differently
  • Moving files to different data stores is like creating a library.

Disadvantages of TeraBox

I think the only advantage of TeraBox is the free storage capacity up to 1024GB. But after looking at the disadvantages below, I’m sure you won’t use TeraBox anymore.

  • Limit Upload/Download speed. Just saying it’s limited, but when I tested uploading files, the speed was more than 6 mb/s. So I think most of you can use it.
  • Only up to 500 data files can be stored.
  • The resolution when watching videos on TeraBox is 720P
  • Only upload files with a maximum size of 4GB

However, all of the above disadvantages will be overcome if you buy the Premium version, which I think no one will buy :v.

TeraBox: 1TB 16 . Free Cloud Storage Service

How to get 1TB of free data on TeraBox

First, you visit the TeraBox website. If you use Android or iOS, you can download it right here on this homepage.

Next, you log in to TeraBox with your Google, Facebook, Apple account, phone number, email or create a new account.

TeraBox: 1TB 17 . Free Cloud Storage Service

After logging in, you will be given a gift 1024GB of storage is completely free.

TeraBox: 1TB 18 . Free Cloud Storage Service

You can use features like Upload, Remote Upload, or create a new folder by tapping New Folder. This service also has libraries that classify the type of data that you upload such as Picture, Document, Video, Music, or other data.

TeraBox: 1TB 19 . Free Cloud Storage Service

So you have just learned about the TeraBox data storage service. You can experience the features of storing, transferring and sharing data and then come back to comment to let me know how you feel. If you have a need to create your own Cloud Storage service, you can configure NextCloud yourself at home.

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